"The children enjoyed playing the instruments and the fact that it was interactive and the children were involved in everything was brilliant" A good idea to have the whole school together at beginning and end of day , we had a really good time. Thank you"

"I think that was a success then"

Teachers from Yorkley School May 2008



"I liked listening to them play - they were cool"

"We learnt about the names of instruments, how they work, about different sounds, higher and lower notes and new songs, they are really clever, we could have them in school everyday!"

"Please come back again"

Pupils from Yorkley School May 2008



"Everyone had a great time and each session was themed 'round our class work. It was a lovely experience and the children thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thank you"

Teacher  from Calton Infant School  May 2008



"The children enjoyed the dancing & seeing & playing the instruments, they especially enjoyed making up fun words to songs.  We all had a good time.  Thank you"

Teacher Redbrook School April 2008



"Having a go on the instruments, learning about them and making up songs about teacher was the best bit"

Pupils from Northway School March 2008



"The music was tailored to our theme week and you worked the whole school and each individual class, thank you"

"Thank you for coming we really enjoyed it, everything was aimed at the right level."

Teachers from Northway School March 2008




"We loved learning about the instruments and about the songs the sailors sang while working.  We had a great day and loved "having a go" on the instruments"

Pupils from Kingswood School February 2008




"It was an excellent experience and will use the work covered today as a basis for more work on shanties and folk songs over the next few weeks. Thank you"

Teacher from Kingswood School February 2008




"We really enjoyed listening to Banshee play, playing and looking at the instruments ourselves and making up our own songs. We would have like longer sessions"

Pupils from St Briavels School February 2008




""A good variety of activities kept the children interested"

"A fun experience reinforcing all can enjoy music, even less attentive pupils were listening carefully"

Teacher from Drybrook School  November 2007



 "When you played at Coalway School you were brilliant. We thought you were the best band that's ever come into the school!!! You were the best"

Pupils from Coalway School May 2006